xProDock Connect iBolt Black

$ 19.47 $ 39.95

Brand: xProDock

Product Description

Note: The Galaxy S5 or the Note 4 as Samsung has removed the analogue audio out through the microUSB connector so the aux-out cable is not compatible with this kit. iBOLT recommends the IBXC-33617 xProDock Connect Kit. The active xPro car-dock works with Samsung Smartphones. from Galaxy S2, up to a Note 3 with Otterbox Defender case (66-90 mm range). Drive safe and legal by keeping the Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2, or Note 3 in an easy to view position. With high quality rubber over-molds, and a dual spring-loaded metal latch, the phone sits firmly in the Dock. The open design also ensures the volume and power buttons are accessible. Protective cases or extended batteries can be used with the xProDock thanks to the spring-loaded latch and extendable feet. The ChargingArm, with the 9ft "Dock'n Play" cable launches "DockMode" in Galaxy phones. This allows the iBOLT's Dock'n Drive App (free download) to be used as the home screen. The long cable also allows placement on the left or right side of the steering wheel. The aux-out feature makes it possible to play all media sound through the car-stereo speakers, including Apps like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn etc., and GPS navigation. For vehicles equipped with a standard 3.5 "aux in" input. NOTE: phone calls not routed to car-speakers due to Samsung firmware limitations. A Bluetooth hands-free device is therefore recommended when using the xProDock. With so many hardware and App (Dock'n Drive) functions, we recommend watching YouTube videos for this product. They are found on the iboltproducts YouTube channel.