Moga Ace Power iOS Mobile Game Controller For Ipod/iphone

$ 38.99 $ 48.99

Brand: CellBulk

Product Description

MOGA ACE POWER controller transforms gaming on your iPhone 5s, 5c, or 5 and 5th-generation iPod touch running iOS 7 by providing a full set of console-style controls. Not only do you get dual analog sticks and L1/R1 and L2/R2 shoulder buttons, there's also a D-pad and four action buttons. And it's compatible with an amazing variety of game apps. Plus, MOGA Boost Technology offers a built-in charging capability that extends your iOS device's battery life while you play-or serves as a charger whenever needed. Lock Technology secures your iPhone or iPod touch to the controller for total peace of mind. And for maximum portability, MOGA ACE POWER expands for play and collapses when not in use, so it can go anywhere with ease.