Jabra Wave Corded 3.5mm Headset - Black

$ 13.99 $ 29.99

Brand: Jabra

Product Description

Clearer talk with wind-noise reduction. Sitting closely and lightly behind your ear, the Jabra WAVE - CORDED headset prevents wind and background and wind noise from interfering with your conversations. And with its carefully placed microphone, the sound quality is always crystal clear. When you wear Jabra WAVE - CORDED, you hear every word. The headset can be operated easily simply plug it in and use the dedicated on-cord answer/end call-button. Jabra WAVE - CORDED - 3.5mm Headset - Comes with 2.5mm jack for compatibility with most mobile and Smartphones. With the advanced behind-the-ear wearing style, the Jabra WAVE - CORDED is slim and comfortable and can be worn with ease all day long. Wear it to work, on the move or in the car.